Daddy Yankee Pays Tribute to Jesus Christ with His New Single «Donante de Sangre”

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Daddy Yankee, one of the most influential artists in the music world, continues his legacy of innovation and commitment with a positive and uplifting message. After announcing in 2022 a new path towards a better life, dedicated to his faith and purpose, Yankee presents his latest work, «Donante de Sangre», today March 29th, Good Friday.


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Through lyrical poetry, Raymond Ayala, better known as Daddy Yankee, narrates how Jesus has transformed his life and shown him a new path. «I was healed by his blood / I walk free by his blood / I am different from what I was before,» expresses a verse of the song. This emotional tribute highlights the importance of values such as faith, humility, and gratitude, above ego, fame, and money.

«Donante de Sangre» was released today on Friday, March 29th at 12:00AM EST, just in time to commemorate Good Friday. This single marks the beginning of a new era in Daddy Yankee’s music, characterized by an integral and optimistic message. The song anticipates a significant change in his artistic approach, with clear and direct lyrics that offer a new perspective to his fans.

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