Farandula Records is thrilled to welcome Latin artist Pierre La Voz and Zuna Music to the family

Farandula Records is thrilled to welcome Latin artist Pierre La Voz and Zuna Music to the family

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Pierre La Voz has been captivating audiences in Latin America for years. Known for his hit song «Princesita», Pierre La Voz has made a name for himself as a dynamic and versatile singer-songwriter.

«We are delighted to welcome Pierre La Voz and Zuna Music to Farandula Records», said Yatxan Labrada, the CEO of Farandula Records. «His talent and vision are unmatched, and we are confident that this partnership with Pierre La Voz and his management, Zuna Music, is the right step to take Pierre’s artistic journey to new heights.»

«Zuna Music, Pierre La Voz’s management, is equally thrilled about this new venture with Farandula Records. ‘We are excited to be joining forces with Farandula Records, a music company that is renowned for its commitment to quality music and talented artists,’ said Pierre La Voz’s manager, Javier Avila. ‘We believe this partnership will take Pierre La Voz’s career to greater heights, reaching new levels of success and bringing his music to even more fans around the world.'»

With the support of Farandula Records, Pierre La Voz is excited to explore new creative opportunities and collaborations that will further enhance his unique sound and style. This partnership represents a significant milestone for the Latin artist and a long and successful musical journey.

Farandula Records is proud to be a part of Pierre La Voz’s journey and is committed to providing the guidance and support he needs to achieve his goals. With this partnership, Farandula Records is looking to continue its tradition of promoting talented and visionary artists and bringing their music to audiences around the world.

Fans can expect new music announcements from Pierre La Voz in the near future as he gears up to take his music to the next level with Farandula Records.

Be sure to check out Pierre La Voz’s latest single ‘La Nota’ on your preferred music platform. The song has received a tremendous response from music fans, and its music video has already surpassed 3 million views on YouTube

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