Mike Bahia & Greeicy Open Up About Touring Life With Their Baby on ‘Amantes U.S. Tour’

Mike Bahia & Greeicy Open Up About Touring Life With Their Baby on ‘Amantes U.S. Tour’

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The Colombian couple also talk new single «Mi Pecadito.»

Eight years ago, Mike Bahía and Greeicy did their first joint concert in Colombia with a very theatrical concept — storytelling, acting, singing, dancing and more — rather than doing just another concert. Since, the two Colombian artists, who have shined in their individual careers, have made the rounds all over Latin America with their very successful “Amantes Tour.”

Now, for the first time, they are touring the U.S. in key theater venues with their 10-month-old baby, Kai.

“After the first show we did in 2015, we realized that it’s a show for the family,” Greeicy tells Billboard. “We saw children, we saw the grandmother, the cousin, the parents, and today that Kai is part of our lives it makes more sense because it’s aimed at the family represented by a family. I feel that with the years, ‘Amantes Tour’ gains more strength.”

Presented by Loud and Live, the U.S. trek kicked off Feb. 23 at the Colden Auditorium in New York and wraps March 3 at Houston’s Arena Theatre. Hitting the road has been possible thanks to the couple’s beloved family, who travels with them to take care of their baby backstage.

“If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to leave for three days, my peace of mind wouldn’t be good if it wasn’t for our family,” the singer and actress adds. “I feel we are privileged because we have a son who adapts to our lifestyle and we have people who support us and help us. I love the job of being a mom but I also love all of this. I think that during my pregnancy I did more things than I have ever done in my life and it’s very nice because I feel that as the years go by, we are going to look back at all the memories with Kai.”

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In the midst of their touring life, Greeicy and Bahía released a new collaborative effort called “Mi Pecadito” (my little sin). The playful bachata narrates the story of two people who like each other but have other commitments — think a sequel to their 2017 hit “Amantes.”

“The musical exploration has continued,” says Bahía, whose recent solo single happens to be a salsa track. “I feel that we have given a lot of priority to the songs more than the rhythms but we feel comfortable making tropical music. When I listen to it, it makes me want to dance and that’s why we explore these rhythms with more confidence.”

Following their U.S. tour, the family-of-three plans to move to Miami, Fla., and leave behind their countryside lifestyle in Medellín, for the time being.

“I feel that this city is going to do us very well,” explains Bahía. “In addition to that it will do Kai very well. Kai will begin to acquire the [English] language. We’re going to live near the sea and let our careers grow and explore other things we haven’t done before. Back in Colombia, we reached our comfort zone. We could continue there or challenge ourselves to meet new goals.”

By Jessica Rioz

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