Moderatto Splits After Jay de la Cueva’s Departure, Announces Farewell Tour

Moderatto Splits After Jay de la Cueva’s Departure, Announces Farewell Tour

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The Mexican glam rock band comes to an end after more than two decades together.

A day after frontman Jay de la Cueva announced his departure from Moderatto, the Mexican glam rock band announced on Wednesday (Aug. 2) that the group will come to an end, but not before offering a farewell tour scheduled for 2024

“After 23 years, 276 months, 1,152 weeks, 8,064 days, 193,536 hours and having visited three continents and more than 20 countries, we believe that the cycles are fulfilled and that they should be closed celebrating and being grateful. Therefore, as a group, Moderatto says: Goodbye friends! With all the love and gratitude that the Moderatto Army and the fans have given us in each of our shows,” the group shared in a message posted on their social media networks.

The band — which also includes members Xavi Moderatto (Cha!), Mick Marcy (Marcello Lara), Roy Ochoa and Elohím Corona — said they will fulfill their previously agreed to commitments for 2023, and will soon announce the farewell shows to be held in 2024.

With this announcement, the quintet calls it quits after more than two decades together, and a discography of nine studio albums and one live album, including collaborations with artists such as Alejandra Guzmán, Belinda, and La Arrolladora Banda El Limón.

On Tuesday (Aug. 1), De la Cueva — whose alter ego “Brian Amadeus” accompanied him in Moderatto since 1999 — announced his retirement from the band to pursue other projects, including his new group The Guapos.

“I’m going to say goodbye to my alter ego, I’m going to say goodbye to that voice, leaving Moderatto. It has not been an easy decision, since there is nothing negative, everything is going amazing, but today my heart resonates with the new music I am making, it is very important for me to commit to that, to my first solo album and to the new band I have,” De la Cueva said in a video on Instagram.

Moderatto was founded in 1999 as a glam rock group that parodied the stereotypes of the hair metal outfits that emerged in the 1980s, with clear influences from the likes of Kiss, Twisted Sister and Mötley Crüe.

Their latest album, Rockea Bien Duro, was released in 2022.

By Natalia Cano

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