Talented Urban Artist Jeremy G Releases New Single «Pasajero»

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«Pasajero» is the latest single by the talented urban artist Jeremy G. This captivating song on the Y Entertainment record label explores situations that many people encounter in life, such as the feeling of isolation even when in a relationship.

In «Pasajero», Jeremy G explores the experience of feeling alone while enjoying a temporary relationship, without allowing himself to fall in love. The song captures the emotional complexity of the situation and provides listeners with a new and immersive musical experience.

Jeremy G has recognized the significance of teamwork in the music industry throughout this stage of his career. Ery, a colleague of Jeremy’s at Y Entertainment, contributed to the conceptualization of «Pasajero» during a creative camp in Orlando, Florida. Together, they finalized the lyrics and began the recording process. The talented producers Sours and The Ironix were responsible for the distinctive and catchy rhythm.

The narrative of «Pasajero» is perfectly complemented by the music video. The video, directed by acclaimed audiovisual professionals Kevin Quiles and 90th Shooter, depicts the search for a fleeting connection to avoid isolation. Its captivating visual approach and visually arresting narrative enhance the song’s aural experience.

Jeremy G has been devoted to music since a young age. With his parents’ unwavering support, he has found an authentic form of expression in music. His dedication to creating original material and his ability to connect with the emotions of his audience has made him a rising star in the urban music scene.

His new single «Pasajero» is available on all digital platforms for Jeremy G fans and urban music enthusiasts.

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