Zion & Lennox Release The Party Anthem Of The Summer - "Brisa" Featuring Danny Ocean

Zion & Lennox Release The Party Anthem Of The Summer – «Brisa» Featuring Danny Ocean

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The iconic musical duo Zion & Lennox released their summer anthem “Brisa” featuring Danny Ocean, along with the official music video.

As true titans in Latin music, Zion & Lennox are constantly reinventing themselves and urban music. Entering into this new era of their career, “Brisa” portrays the beauty of the Caribbean through its upbeat tempo and enticing harmony, creating the perfect blend of Afro-Latin rhythms and electronic house that will undoubtedly become the summer anthem for 2022. “Brisa” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Produced by Jimmix & Manybeat, “Brisa” blends Afro and Latin rhythms seamlessly with electronic house beats, creating the perfect summer song that will reach audiences worldwide. This feel-good track champions partying and living life to the fullest, all while highlighting the beauty of the Caribbean. In this new era of their career, Zion & Lennox integrate old school and new school beats, bringing together their original fanbase with a new generation of music lovers.

“This is our first release in a year, and we wanted to kick off this new phase of our career with a summer hit that everybody can enjoy. Danny Ocean was the perfect collaborator for this track, and we ultimately want this party song to bring people together,” said Zion & Lennox.

Directed by Rodrigo Rodriguez, the official music video for “Brisa” is tropical and colorful, complete with picturesque city landscapes and dancing. Set on a yacht, you are instantly transported for four epic minutes to the Caribbean, making everyone listening want to get up and dance. Living life to the fullest out on the sea, the video features Zion & Lennox, Danny Ocean, and the contestants from Miss Multiverse 2021.

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