The New Promise Of Pop Music “Kelly Centeno” Conquers Times Square

The New Promise Of Pop Music “Kelly Centeno” Conquers Times Square

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Kelly Centeno celebrates the success of “Only Last A Night” in the Big Apple.

Kelly Centeno celebrates the success of her new song «Only Last A Night», doing it big in the Big Apple. The young pop artist continues unstoppable after the premiere of her most recent single available in all digital stores and her YouTube channel.

Today, an advertising billboard for “Only Last A Night”, the fifth single from the young promise of pop music Kelly Centeno, has arrived in the Big Apple, with an impressive giant billboard located at 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 .

Kelly Centeno premieres this new record titled «Only Last A Night», a pop ballad that tells a story of true love for life. The theme is about wondering about the future and what could happen to anyone eternally in love, it also talks about a love that you never want to end but you don’t know what the future will bring. We are used to hearing this type of romantic themes that the artist describes in each of her compositions.

Ella’s previous releases “Nightmare”, “Just That Girl”, “Here With Me” and “Motive” have received an excellent reception by the public with a high number of downloads on Spotify and views on YouTube in some cases exceeding one million views. All made under the record label «Another Level Studios» and the executive production of Libni.

With this new release, “Only Last a Night” promises to break our hearts. The young artist has been sweeping and everything she touches turns into success. She has done an impressive media tour where she has been able to sing many of her songs on nationally rated shows. Her uniqueness and spontaneity have captivated important television hosts who have defined her as a true artist.

“I feel very happy that I am able to appear on a giant screen in the Big Apple. Thanks to God, my family and my work team who are betting on my career in a big way, I am extremely grateful to everyone,” Kelly Centeno said.

The young performer, only 15 years old, confesses to us that she longs to be able to sing with her idols in the music industry such as Ashe, Taylor Swift and Louis Tomlinson. She would love to sing with any of them, as well as any other member of One Direction. Since childhood she listened to «What Makes You Beautiful», “Our Song,” which was her inspirations in her music.

This 2022 will be decisive for the young pop artist, with the support of the Another Level Studios Record Label who have bet everything on her talent and hope to see her on stage soon. She will soon be on a media tour in several cities in the United States.

Without further ado, you can visit the video for “Only Last A Night” on her YouTube channel and listen to the music that is available on all digital platforms today.

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